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I worked with Kevin for about 2 years [at the Climate Corporation.] On our projects, Kevin did extensive research into the feature space, our users, and our competition. He consistently offered multiple UX options for each project, and gracefully took feedback from stakeholders to successfully iterate and enhance each flow. He was also able to take on visual design work when our team needed. Kevin is a very well-rounded designer who thoughtfully considers the end-to-end experience, and is a critical thinker who would be an asset to any team.
– Lindsey Boyden, User Experience Designer


Kevin produces creative, well-thought (and numerous) approaches to design challenges. He is able to adhere to existing design constraints while at the same time pushing the envelope to try and satisfy the unique UX needs of the project. Kevin has a pleasant personality, is approachable, and takes feedback very well. He is able to comfortably tread a path between opposing forces that pull in different directions, as is the case in many UX design projects.
– Tomer Petel, Director of Software Development, AtHoc


Kevin worked for our design team [at Microsoft] for a year. He is super fast creating interactive and motion prototypes, very detail-oriented and thorough. I could trust him without reservation to provide the team something great even with extremely short notice. How I wish we could keep having him in our team! If you are looking for an expert for interactive and motion prototypes, someone who is great to work with, Kevin is the man!
– Yanling Wang, Product Designer

Here are a few projects to show my design process and thinking. Some of my work is under NDA, but can be shown in private.

Flu Tracker



Motion Graphics

Kevin O'Connell

I'm a hands-on design leader who works collaboratively to create intuitive, useful, and engaging experiences by applying insight gained from users. What excites me about being a designer is the ability to create great tools through developing a thorough understanding of user and business needs.

I bring a variety of skills to every project including user research, interaction design, prototyping, and visual design.

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